Chitose Salmon Acquarium

Chitose is known for the salmon that swim through the local river. There is an aquarium in town that also monitors and helps the spawning of the salmon which we visited today. Here are some of the salmon larvae.  There are hatching and you can see some in egg form and some as tiny salmon.


In the spring/fall the salmon can been at the center in an underground river viewing level. It is the only viewing spot like that in the world currently, which we are sure would be great in the right season. In winter all you can see through the window is cold water.

We saw some other kinds fish too, including salmon fry and adult sturgeon (pictured below). dsc01909_edited


One of our favorites was a grebe. This is a bird that can swim! He paddled along the top of the water and then would dive down into the water. He eats fish but seemed to simply enjoy diving into the water as well.  He witnessed him staying underwater for about 3 feet and 30 seconds in one dive! We were impressed.


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