Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai has been a huge change from Japan; hot, disorderly streets, and cheap food. Walking around town we first saw a museum regarding the local Lanna people. Christopher’s first museum of the trip!

Then we went to Wat Phra Singh.  It was stunning but nothing like the temples we saw in Japan. This is said to be one of the most elaborate temples here in Chiang Mai. The outside of the buildings had the most decorations. Most was covered in gold detailing, but if you got close you can see many stunning colors. Inside of the temples were buddhist monks meditating.




Below is the repository of the Lion Buddha statue inside the main temple.


the stupa was so bright; it reflected an incredible amount of light.




We also ate at a street food market, with green chicken curry and mango nutella crepe for dessert. Mango here is currently in season and Meg is crazy about it. She has pledged to eat at least one a day. The street food was quite delicious.


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