Relaxed day in Chiang Mai

We explored the large temple and ruin complex of Wat Chedi Luang Worawihan. This is a temple complex that has a ruin as well as several current temples on the same ground.  No one knows the true history of the ruins or what actually ruined this first temple leaving it as an enigma.



The ruin was immense. We could see buddha statues in the doorways though we couldn’t ascend. It had been in worse shape but the Japanese government had help to restore it.

There was also a men-only temple there. This temple did not allow women into it as menstrual cycles make them unclean.  Christopher did enter and was quite impressed with the temple.  He enjoyed the mural on the wall and was also able to see the city pillar or Lak Meuang. The Lak Meuang was allegedly raised by the King when the city was founded in 1296.

The main temple was quite impressive.  The detail that goes into the temple is amazing.  The golden pillars are in pairs going forward and backward in the building with geometric plant an animal images. No pair’s paintings are the same as another pair’s.


Afterward, as we were walking through the city we noticed some music in the park. We were able to stop and enjoy some kids playing music and had a mango smoothie.


We will be starting the elephant hike early tomorrow morning!  We will be without electricity for 8 days.  We will be sure to post numerous elephant photos when we return.

4 thoughts on “Relaxed day in Chiang Mai

  1. You both look so happy! It warms my heart!
    I am sure you will teach the elephants some new tricks! Ha! You will do fine. Keep hydrated!!
    Enjoy! Love you both so much!
    Momma Pluff

    Liked by 1 person

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