Krabi Rock Climbing

Thailand, especially the area around Krabi, has some of the best rock climbing in the world; this was a major reason that Cara and Bryce chose this area to join us for bit. So, we spent an entire day climbing and it was amazing. We all climbed numerous routes with various difficulties during the day, on two main places near Krabi. Each route had a breathtaking view too.


The rock was limestone. You could get a great grip on in and there were many variations to routes one could take, although when we were on a route that was really challenging us, our guide would let us know the best path.




We had a dozen ropes up to climb along with the other people there. Before lunch we climbed right on a beach; after lunch we hiked up five minutes to a different rock face.






After we were done we took a boat back to the town we stayed in. The boat ride was very beautiful, seeing the rocks sticking out from the jungle.


We also ate on the beach, and could see fishing boats.


The next day, we visited a hot stream, with several natural pools in the aqua rock. The water was quite warm and we enjoyed soaking our sore muscles in the hot mineral water.


After the hot stream and lunch we hiked through the forest to see a larger natural pool of warm water, The Emerald Pool. We enjoyed swimming around in it. It was incredibly slippery and the rock on the side of the pool made for a natural water slide.


We had dinner on top of the hill our condo was on at the end of the night. It was delicious Thai food with an even better view.


Meg got a tattoo of the elephants, and Bryce got a tattoo of a variation of the Vegvísir (a Norse compass)!



2 thoughts on “Krabi Rock Climbing

  1. Kevin and I have done some rock climbing in the Andironacks, but they were nothing compared to this. Looks a lot of fun but scary. Keep enjoying. Love Uncle Kevin and Aunt Denise

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  2. Wow Meg & Chris you are dare devil rock climbers! Looks like Meg is getting a tan! Great pictures. Love reading about your adventures💚☘️💚

    Liked by 1 person

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