Phi Phi Island 

We spent 3 days on Phi Phi Island in the Andaman Sea. The only way to get to the island is a ferry ride; our ride was an hour and a half.

The island is known for its beaches and snorkeling (or diving) and it all lived up to the hype.  The first day we arrived we spent the afternoon on the beach and had Thai massages in the evening.  Cara and Bryce enjoyed their massages but were a bit surprised at how different they were from western massages. We also discovered what was to become our favorite restaurant on the first day, Mango Grove. They had wifi, air condition and mango on almost everything. 😍 We ended up eating there everyday and HIGHLY recommend it.

Day 2 on the island we beach hopped all day. It was a very relaxing day even if we were all very hot as well. We went to 2 different beaches and discovered what we thought was the “best beach”. The first beach was beautiful but the water was very warm. Only Cara enjoyed the temperature of the water. The rest of us were hoping for water that was cold and refreshing.

After lunch we went to the second beach which was the”best beach”. It had colder water, shade and a stunning view.  We swam around and practiced skipping stones until the sun set.

On day 3 we spend the morning on “the best beach” and took a speed boat tour of the island. The boat tour took us to a national park (Maya Bay) where we took in the scenery and swam in the water. We then went snorkeling at Pi-Leh Bay which had coral and beautiful fish. We went further into the bay for more swimming and the chance to jump off the front of the boat. Meg loved jumping off the front of the boat.  We drove by Viking Cave and took some photos. We snorkeled at Shark Point and saw some large sharks. Bryce even chased them around a bit! Our last stop was monkey beach where we regrettably saw no monkeys. After that we watched the sun set from the boat.

We had an awesome time with Cara and Bryce this last week. We said goodbye to them this afternoon in the airport. Due to a rushed goodbye Meg didn’t have a chance to cry too much (thankfully). As always, we loved our time and our adventures with them. We hear that there is climbing in Nepal too! Maybe you will meet us there in a few months? ❤️

3 thoughts on “Phi Phi Island 

  1. Great pictures guys!!! I don’t know who’s taking them but it’s great to get a broad view of everything you’re experiencing. Keep them coming! Glad you’re having a good time.

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