Bangkok Wats

Bangkok Wats

We spent the day in Bangkok seeing two of the temples in the old city, across the river from each other and adjacent to the Royal Palace.

Wat Arun

Named for the hindu god of Dawn, Wat Arun was spectacular in its verticality and detailed surfaces.  It is covered in porcelain, which was brought by Chinese traders as ballast. Both temples had a number of motifs that appeared more Chinese than other wats we have seen.


We made a donation to add a bell to a bell tree with our names on it. When the bell rings it will bring us good luck.


Wat Pho

Wat Pho has a long history of royal use. It has a number of buildings and stupas on its campus, added by various monarchs over the years. The reclining buddha was simply immense.


It sometimes felt like a being in a forest.


One of the highlights was a group of four pagodas erected by a series of kings. They are all 42 meters high, in different colors. Megan loved the dark blue one due to its color, detailing and living plants on it. Chris did not have a favorite really but he loved all the details.


We also walked through a flower market, which was 80% the gold mums that are used for religious ceremonies. Before the flower market we had traditional coconut ice cream for the first time. It was delicious and we are looking forward to more of it when we return to Thailand.


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