Siem Reap 

Siem Reap 

We are in Cambodia! Siem Reap is the second largest city in Cambodia and it is the city closest to the Angkor Wat complex. After a busy two weeks we scheduled ourselves in a nice hostel with a pool. We have enjoyed some down days with reading and pool time.  They also have a great night market that is about a block away. That is where we have eaten most of our meals.

We spent a day biking around town. For those that know me (Megan) well, you know that biking is not my favorite thing. Chris and I rode bikes last summer around Dublin to practice to feel more comfortable. Guys- nothing we did in Dublin, Ohio was going to make me comfortable with biking in Cambodia! The traffic is crazy and follows few rules. There are no rules to cross intersections, you just go for it.  The cars, buses and motorcycles are all whizzing right by you. Chris really enjoyed the day biking and I have promised to give it another try when we get to Vietnam.

We biked to Angkor Wat National Museum, to the old market, pub street and saw some pretty parts of Siem Reap. The museum gave us insight and extra knowledge into the complex which we plan on touring. We were not able to take photos inside of the museum except of the fish tank but below is the fish we thought looked most interesting.

The old market was selling everything from hardware to tourist items and of course food.  We tried rolled ice cream, also called fried ice cream.  The ice cream is fried in the sense that it is made on a Metal pan, in this case freezing the fruit and milk while the attendant dices it. We got mango banana with mango and Oreo on top. It was delicious.

3 thoughts on “Siem Reap 

  1. Hey be sure to bring back one of those mango and Oreo rolled ice cream treats for me. That looks great I want one of those!!! Meg, when this is over you’ll be able to bike in Dublin with no problem!

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