Arrived in Vietnam!

We took a day bus to Ho Chi Minh City. The hostel has been great! Extremely helpful and nice. Megan ended up with food poisoning the first night in Ho Chi Minh City. It was a round night and day but the hostel took great care of us! We were staying in a 5 person dorm with an attached bathroom. Not the ideal place for food poisoning, so Megan went to the lobby. The staff noticed her and gave her free water, later sent her fresh squeezed orange juice and checked on her multiple times. They also checked in on Chris to be sure he didn’t get sick.  Although it wasn’t the same as being home when you’re sick the hostel staff made it as comfortable as possible. We LOVED our stay with them.


We had some food from the big market; Chris got another durian shake and Megan has a salty kumquat slushy.


The next day we went to the War museum, about the Vietnamese war against the French, and between North and South Vietnam with the US. The perspective was very much from that of the Viet Minh, and emphasized war crimes committed by the South Vietnamese government and US, especially a prison camp and the Agent Orange spraying.  It was definitely interesting to see a different perspective than what we were used to, and sad to see another museum showing how the region has suffered.

Declaration of Independence of Vietnam:


One of a number of pieces of US weaponry on display:DSC05040_edited

Sometimes the propaganda really over the top, like this ‘imperialist LBJ’ picture:


Box used by South Vietnamese to punish POWs:


Fish sauce containers from My Lai (Son Lai):


In the evening we went out for pho. The restaurant and the noodles were great, with lots of add-ons available.



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