2 Month Check-In

After thinking on it for a few days, we want to share some of our feelings and thoughts while we are traveling. We composed some general questions for us to answer.

1. best food

(M) mango and sticky rice

(C) red curry in Thailand

2. worst food

(M & C) pizza in Da Lat! We ordered sausage with veggies and were served a pizza with sliced hot dogs, carrots and peas on top of a big cracker

3. weirdest food

(M & C) fried silk worm larvae. We thought it would be crunchy but the inside was soft and creamy. Yuck.

4. scariest moment

(M) I dozed off in the hostel common area waiting for our room in Bangkok and when I woke up, Chris was gone. He didn’t come back after a bit and I was really scared. Turns out, he had tried to find a pharmacy near the hostel to get my migraine medication.

(C) While biking in Phnom Penh, Meg and I got divided going through traffic. Meg decided to cycle another block down. By the time I crossed back over and got to the end of the block, I could see ahead a few blocks and Meg was nowhere to be found. We were still pretty far from the hostel, so I was pretty worried she would try to make it back but panicky on the way and would not be able to find the hostel. Fortunately I found her turned off behind a big tree on the next block.

** Interesting, that both of our scariest moments is when we didn’t know where the other person was.

5. funniest moment

(M) We stayed in a five-person mixed dorm in Saigon. The first day we were there, an older man was also staying in the room. He was not the ideal person with whom to share a room, as he coughed and burped without covering his mouth. He also walked around in his white briefs, showing off his saggy butt. After the first night he checked out-what a relief! But the following day he checked back in. As he walked into the room, Chris saw him first and said “oh, you’re back,” and the girl in one of the bunks across from him actually swore out loud! It was really hard to not bust out laughing. He never knew but the four of us bonded over him when he went out for dinner.

(C) Meg was a little ill, and had taken all the medications. We had a midnight bus to catch, we walked onto the bus, and I finished putting my luggage away.  I glance over to see Meg sleeping next to me, with an eye mask, mouth guard, earplugs, neck pillow, and blanket, sound asleep. The bus was still sitting in the station.

6. most accomplished/bravest moment

(M) I felt the bravest when rock climbing in Krabi. We spent the day climbing when Cara and Bryce were here. Although I did not climb as high as everyone else, I felt great about my climbs. I climbed higher than I had before, and a made bigger moves all while trusting the guide to spot me.

(C) I felt most accomplished finding my way out of the 100 roof bar in Dalat.

7. most stressful moment

(M & C) In LA we realized that we could not bring 6 month of medication into Japan. It was really stressful trying to determine what to do with the medication and how we would be able to get more medication once in Asia, with only 14 hours before our flight to Japan. We figured it out, and have been getting medication as needed as we travel, which is still stressful at times.

8. item in your pack you haven’t used

(M) red tieks (foldable flats)

(C) journal

9. item you packed that you love the most

(M) REI bathroom kit – it has a hanger and it holds everything

(C) packing cubes for our packs to keep the bag more organized

10. best interaction with a local

(M) The women that owned the hostel we stayed at in Saigon. It was Saigon Inn Hotel and I was sick through the night. She gave me free water, checked in on us and offered to help us find a doctor if needed. I loved her. She also made us the best breakfast every morning.

(C) Yo, the guide at the elephant Nature hike was very passionate about the animals and environment in northern Thailand and sharing that with us.

11. best interaction with another traveler

(M & C) We shared a room with a british couple in Phnom Penh. They had been traveling for about a year. In the evenings the four of us would lay in our bunks and share stories of traveling.  They told us some hysterical and awkward stories of sharing rooms. We also discussed what we had seen/enjoyed and what we hoped for when we got home. It felt as if we made great friends, if even for only two nights.

12. things missed most about home

(M) Dorian and drinkable tap water

(C) Dorian and winter

13. food missed most from home

(M) cheez-its, which is weird as it isn’t one of my favorite foods at home

(C) Mexican, specifically chips and salsa

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