Phnom Penh for the Khmer New Year 

Phnom Penh for the Khmer New Year 

Before and after the plankton we traveled through Phnom Penh, Cambodia.  It was a short stay, but it was during the Khmer New Year. We witnessed some of the celebrations on Koh Rong Sanloem but the celebration last for three days.

The Khmer/Cambodian New Year is the traditional lunar new year that signifies the end of harvest season. It is a time to enjoy the prosperity of their labor before the rainy season begins. During the three days, people pray, light candles and incense, give to charity and dedicate a ceremony to their ancestors.  It is also tradition for people to wash statues of Buddha. Washing Buddha symbolizes washing away bad actions and will bring good luck, happiness and prosperity. Children also wash their parents and grandparents to obtain their best wishes and advice on life. (Moms and Dads: we thought we would just stick to dinners, phone calls, and asking for advice! 😘)

This all sounds really great, in theory. However, this is a national holiday…so everything is closed. It is similar to attempting to be a tourist on Christmas Day in America. We wanted to have one last great meal of Cambodian food. However, that wasn’t to be as well walked around for about an hour looking for someplace open. In the end, we had delicious Lebanese food. The restaurant was overflowing, and the food was great.


We saw Wat Phnom from the outside. We were able to walk around it while it was light up. It was beautiful to see at night.


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