Changi Singapore Airport 

Changi Singapore Airport 

Did you know about the Singapore Airport? It is rated the best airport in the world for the last five years running! It has some stunning attractions. We scheduled ourselves an 8 hour layover in order to see them. We had a ton of fun touring the airport and had almost no down time in our 8 hours and we still didn’t see it all!

We first found the orchid garden in Terminal 1. It is in the middle of the terminal with beautiful walkways through it.


Sunflower garden was our next stop. This was one of our favorite gardens at the airport. It is outdoors and you can watch the planes rumble down the the tarmac while you look at the sunflowers.


We stopped for lunch and experienced the enchanted garden. This garden is inside the terminal, containing glass art work, a koi pond and wooden walkways. As one walks through the garden, one can hear different bird calls, frogs, and cicadas. We almost forget we were in an airport.

We moved on to Terminal 2 by taking a train. We saw the tree sculpture garden, which is a vertical garden that uses green plants to make sculptures look like trees. An elevated walkway winds around through the ‘trees’.


In the center of Terminal 2 there is an interactive piece of art called “the social tree”. This abstract tree lights up and has a huge screen on it. Using the touch screens around you can take your photo, personalize it and send it to the screen, where your picture flies around the world in a plane, postcard, etc. It is a lot of fun. There are also games to be played on the screen at times. This item seems to be a highlight for people. It was surrounded by people. click to get full size image to find us!


In Terminal 2 there is also a cactus garden, water lily garden and piazza garden. They are all beautiful. The cactus garden is outside, as was the water lily garden, which had koi ponds within it.

We decided to take advantage of one of the numerous lounges in the airport (One of our credit cards gives us access passes). We chose a lounge with snacks, wifi and a free fish spa. A fish spa is where you stick your feet in a pool of water that is home to many fish. The fish then eat the dead skin off of your feet as they soak. It was very weird feeling. Chris did not mind the feeling. He kept his feet in the tank for about 15 minutes and even did not mind the little fish swimming between his toes! Megan did not enjoy the experience though. She could barely keep her feet in long enough to take the picture! She thought it tickled and felt very strange.


After that we moved onto Terminal 3 by another train. This terminal has a lot of great artwork throughout the terminal. Our favorites were “Birds in flight”


and “evolution”:


We enjoyed looking at the art while strolling the terminal.

There is a butterfly garden in Terminal 3 as well. This was another of our favorites of the day. It is a story story space with a waterfall and numerous butterflies. There is a chrysalis hatchery for new butterflies, and multiple feeding spots for close up of the butterflies. We loved getting to see so many butterflies so close up.



Finally, we flew out. Like most non-US airlines, the service was great. We had meals on both the flight into and out of Singapore, both of which were delicious! Real food, real silverware, ice cream dessert, free wine, and chai.


5 thoughts on “Changi Singapore Airport 

  1. Who would have thought an airport could be that amazing. So glad you made that one of your stops. I agree with on my feet would not work. Keep enjoying.

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  2. Can’t believe a airport has so many great things to see. Fish eating dead skin off your feet would be to much for me too! All the flowers looked beautiful!❤️


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