First day in India 🇮🇳

We are arrived in Chennai, India.  Today was mostly about getting settled in India. We bought a SIM card and Megan bought a few kurtas (a traditional Indian shirt) at the mall. She is pretty excited to have new clothes in bright colors. It was the highlight of her day.

Christopher’s favorite part of the day was a great vegetarian meal.  He loved the spice and heat of the meal. It was a set menu buffet served to you at your table. There were 7 different dishes with three types of bread, 3 chutneys and 2 desserts.  It varied in spice level and heat. Some of the dishes were too hot for Megan. At one point, she thought that there might be a small fire in her mouth and she started to sweat a bit. With enough bread, the heat died down and she also enjoyed the rest of the meal.

We took a rickshaw home from the mall. Driving around India is quite the adventure! Some roads are paved but some are just dirt roads. It is bumpy, jerky with little observance of traffic rules.  With all the traffic we made sure to keep our hands inside of the rickshaw.

*Note: Christopher and I have had a long discussion on how to discribe Indian food. This might help you understand the descriptors better. “Spicy” describes how flavorful is a dish.  “Heat” describes how much the dish makes you sweat from a burning sensation in your mouth and esophagus.

3 thoughts on “First day in India 🇮🇳

  1. Megan, I especially love the purple dress 👍What an interesting experience to mall shop in India! And we can’t wait to have Chris prepare a spicy, with less heat please, meal for us!

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  2. Ok did you get all three… favorite is the orange one. They look so great on you. I think I would pass on the Heat and maybe try spicy. Still loving those smiles. Enjoy

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