Museum in Mumbai (& Buildings in Bombay)

Museum in Mumbai (& Buildings in Bombay)

We went to see the most visited museum of Mumbai, Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya (formerly Prince of Wales Museum of Western India).


The museum was huge with three floors and an annex and we saw it ALL. It was one of the best museums of our trip thus far. Most of the signs were in English as well as Hindi, there was a free audio tour and they even had braille handouts. The museum was very informational on the different religions of India their corresponding art work.

The museum included archaeological finds from the earlier Indian civilizations such as this drainpipe from an Indus valley city. The Indus valley civilization cities were the first to use indoor plumbing, bathes, and public drainage systems.


There were a number of displays for the most important Hindu deities:

Nataraja Shiva:DSC07691

shrine for Jains:


Mahishasuramardini (Durga, wife of Shiva, slaying a buffalo demon):


The Armor of Emperor Akbar:


There was a large amount of paintings and drawings. One of the more interesting galleries was of early european adventurers who came to India and painted or drew the sights they saw.


After the museum we found a great lunch spot with a modern vibe and good food. Chris had Amritsari Chole (channa masala) and Meg had bbq sliders. We noticed the people at the next table had a massive delicious looking milkshake! We had to have one!

We walked around the area for awhile taking in some beautiful buildings.  We saw Rajabai Clock Tower which is a part of The University of Mumbai.




We also walked by the Bombay High Court which is a functioning government building.

This is the Western Railways headquarters:


There were a number of great art-deco buildings in Mumbai, although they were frequently in disrepair, or at least needing cleaned. This was a movie theatre:


Across from the court is a park, Oval Maiden. The park was mostly dirt and dust as it is currently the hottest part of dry season. This didn’t stop people from using the park though. We witnessed some men playing cricket.



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