Rohet Garh

Rohet Garh

This was the first of two night in absolute luxury! Rohet Garh is a castle about 40 miles outside of Jodhpur in a small village, Rohet. We stayed in this beautiful castle overnight and enjoyed the grounds. We ate three lavish meals on site and took a late afternoon swim in the pool.


The grounds had multiple sitting areas to enjoy outside as well as inside. Our suite was stunning and wonderfully decorated.


One of the highlights were the birds. Multiple types of birds to see and listen to chirping. The favorite was the wild peacocks. Their wingers were not clipped and they could fly! In the afternoon we saw them walking around the grounds but the evening they did something totally unexpected- they were in the tops of the trees! They were singing and chirping! It was very exciting.




In the morning we went on a keep safari around the desert and into the villages. We saw Blackbuck antelope which is a protected yet still threaten species. We enjoyed watching the young males play and the head makes (distinguished by their black fur) chase the females.


In the village we were blessed by an opium flower ceremony preferred by locals. We also watched a man make pottery from hand. All of the villagers are vegetarian per their religion and a belief in nature. Most of the homes even had holes in the side of them for wildlife to make homes.

5 thoughts on “Rohet Garh

  1. The castle looked beautiful! A nice place for the two of you to relax. Loved the pictures of the peacocks. Such a colorful bird!♥️

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