Kathmandu, Nepal 

Kathmandu, Nepal 

On April 25th, 2015 Nepal suffered an earthquake of a magnitude of 7.9. It was a devestating blow to the country. It is a little over two years since the earthquake when we arrived and damage is still evident. Some of the major sites are still extensively damaged, some building are in ruins and there is a lot of construction. However, that does not diminish the culture or the feeling of the capitol of Nepal. I think it makes it stronger- we are witnessing a nation continue to rebuild out the rubble.

We were anxious to get to the mountains and only gave ourselves one day in Katmandu to explore. In all reality, it truely deserves more time then that. There are little temples and statues down every ally. The streets are lined with flags and monks walk the narrow, busy streets right next to you. 

We walked to visit Durbar Square and it took a lot of damage in the 2015 earthquake. Many historic buildings collapsed totally while the majority of the others need extensive reconstruction. The reconstruction in under way and you can see where progress is being made. The square was also extensively reconstructed after a similarly devestating earthquake in 1934. 

Durbar Square is home to the palace of the royals until the 19th century. It was where they lived, ruled and held their ceremonies.  The complex is made up of number temples, the palace and many courtyards. We were able to enter one building and the detailing in the carvings was masterfully done and beautiful. 

We want to be very honest- the country is still rebuilding but it is ready and wanting tourist! The hotels are nice, restaurants are serving great, hot food and there is plenty to do and see! If you think you might want to travel to Nepal now is a great time. Not only do you get to see fascinating culture, gorgeous scenery but your money helps to rebuild. When you pay to see Durbar Square your giving money to rebuilding. Same with staying in hotels, eating food and buying items- it helps rebuild their economy. We encourage anyone that is interested to come to Nepal, it is safe and ready for tourist! 

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