Hong Kong and FAMILY ❤️

Hong Kong and FAMILY ❤️

We arrived in Hong Kong and made our way to the hotel on the subway. It was incredible to be in a large, somewhat westernized city! We easily managed the airport and subway. We were very excited to be meeting Megan’s parents and Claudine in Hong Kong! We arrived about 12 hours before they did and we took full advantage of the luxury hotel. We took naps, long hot showers and soaked in hot baths. The best part of the day was seeing our family’s faces when they arrived at the hotel!

After a good nights rest we went to Lantau Island. We hiked 268 steps to see the Tian Tan Buddha, which is the tallest seated Buddha statue in the world. It is made of bronze and has a small museum inside.


On the top platform there are six smaller statues, “The offering of the six Devas”. They are praising Buddha and each are making a different offering to Buddha.


Also on Lantau Island is Po Lin Monastery. It is a Buddhist monastery established in 1906. Inside there are three bronze Buddha statues that represent past, present, and future.


Our second day in Hong Kong had pouring rain! We all had a nice, relaxing day at the hotel. We started with a huge, delicious buffet breakfast followed by naps and more soaking in our bathtubs! We met up again for high tea. We ordered two different type of tea sets, one more traditional Chinese and the other more western. They were both delicious and we enjoyed a slow afternoon over tea and treats.


Claudine made reservations for us at restaurant to view the Hong Kong light show. We had amazing food with a stunning view! It was still a touch foggy but it made the lasers even better to view!


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