The Resort Life 🕶⛱🍹

The Resort Life 🕶⛱🍹

We spent the week at Marriott Resort in Phuket. The grounds were stunning!


It has three pools, oceanfront views, a spa, a swim up bar, and multiple restaurants. We tried to take advantage of all of the amenities.

We spent a rainy afternoon at the spa. Megan’s parents enjoyed Balinese massages, Claudine had a green tea bath and facial while we enjoyed Thai massages. We all felt like a bunch of jello afterwards. It was great!

We ate our way around the world at the Marriott Resort. We had teppanyaki and sushi, Italian, buffet breakfast, Thai food and western food. There were fresh pastries and desserts enjoyed too! We have eaten well!


Our favorite part of the Resort was the pools, swim up bar, and ocean view.


The ocean riptide is too strong to swim in, but we have enjoyed listening to the waves crash and the beautiful colors of the ocean.

DSC00945_e (1)DSC00960_eDSC00972_E

And of course, we had to put our toes into the Indian Ocean!

The swim up bar with daily bogo drink special is also always a hit. We have tried many cocktails but Thai Mojitos and Mango Frosts have remained the favorites of the group.  On the last day we splurged and bought ourselves some floaties for the pool.


One evening the Resort offered a “fire lighting ceremony” and it did not disappoint! There were two women in the water dancing in traditional Thai style while two man played the drums. Finally there were two other men doing fire tricks. They breathed fire, had fire batons and other items. It was all quite impressive! We greatly enjoyed the show!

We also saw a number of birds and Christopher enjoyed getting the perfect picture of each of them!


2 thoughts on “The Resort Life 🕶⛱🍹

  1. Looks like the resort was a very special place for all of you to relax & enjoy each other’s company. So happy you got to experience some of your adventure with Mom, Dad, & Claudine! Can’t wait to see your pictures from China. I’m sure things have changed a lot since I was there😘

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