Ao Phang-Nga National Park 

We spent a wonderful afternoon on a luxury cruise around Ao Phang-Nga National Park. This park is known for its numerous limestone karsts in the Andaman Sea.  Our tour started in the afternoon with some light food and boating into the national park. The views were stunning. It was a beautiful day and we even had a booth in the shade on the boat. It was perfect.


Our first stop was to explore caves in the karsts. We climbed onto inflatable kayaks with a local guide to paddle us into the caves. The tide was coming in, and it was mentioned that it would be a tight squeeze to get into the caves. Oh, they were not joking about the tight squeeze at all!! We had to lay down in the raft and even had to help push the kayak through the opening! We all made it in and out of the caves, and enjoyed the views.

We cruised a bit further into a cove where we could swim in the ocean. We floated and swam for a bit but the current was quite strong so we were happy to just spend time relaxing with each other on the boat. Now, my parents can say they swam in the Andamen Sea!

The last stop we took a traditional Thai long boat from our boat to the beach. A short walk to the other side of the beach and we could see James Bond Island! Megan and her dad love James Bond and this was a distinct highlight for them! This island is called James Bond Island by the tourist because it was a location use in the 1974, “The Man and the Golden Gun” movie.


Although Megan and her dad loved seeing the James Bond Island the sunset cruise back to the pier was the highlight of the day.


There was a beautiful sunset and we sat on comfy bean bag chairs to watch it. The sky had gorgeous yellows, oranges and lilacs to it. It was a group favorite!


We all had to say goodbye in Phuket two days later. It was not an easy or pretty goodbye and Megan is personally thankful that there are no photos documenting that moment. We loved spending time with our family and showing them some of Asia. We were short one family member due to medical problems and she was fiercely missed but we couldn’t be more thankful to Megan’s parents (Christine and Mike) and Claudine for making the trip to Asia. We are already planning the next adventure and looking forward to seeing them at home in two months! Thank you for everything; it was an amazing vacation within our travels. We loved every moment. ❤️

7 thoughts on “Ao Phang-Nga National Park 

  1. Very cool to see all of you guys together – enjoying those moments and all of that surrounding natural beauty. What great memories to always have!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I could not be more thankful for the opportunity to share (a little bit) of your Asian Adventure! The countries are stunning and unique. Their people are so kind and eager to make us feel comfortable!! And, I had two weeks of hugs from Meg and Christopher!!
    Every minute was priceless and slipped thru our fingers too fast! What wonderful memories we all made!
    As the newlyweds explained, leaving a family member behind at home was extremely difficult! But, we have already begun planning our next adventure together!
    Our goodbye was hard. But then, if we didn’t live, love, and laugh so much it would not be hard.
    Also, a big hug and thank you to our niece! We love you dearly and treasure our adventures together!
    Enjoy the rest of your adventure. Be safe. Live, Love, and Laugh OFTEN!!
    Love you both!
    Momma Pluff


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