4 Month Check-In 

Here is our next check-in post! The answers will be from the last two months, since the last check-in post!

1. Best Food

M- I had a ginger shrimp curry in Kochi, India with a lemon rice. It was amazing! It had a base of coconut milk; it was full of flavor but not spicy.

C- Dals in India (Chris had a very hard time answering this question this time. He loved almost all the food in India.)

2. Worst Food

M & C- Dominos pizza in Mumbai! Instead of tomato sauce it had a cheesey-mayo sauce! So gross. 🤢 Neither of us could eat it but thankfully we had some snacks in the room.

3. Weirdest Food

M- There are a lot of pickled food in India and the strangest for me was pickled mango. The first time I had it I put a large scoop into my mouth assuming if it’s mango, then it must be sweet. It wasn’t sweet at all, but like a small bush fire in my mouth, without much vinegar flavor to it either. It was quite weird and I learned to stay away from it.

C- The weirdest thing is Durian and sticky rice, but I loved every bite!

4. Scariest Moment

M- When we found out that a member of our family at home was in the ICU and probably needed surgery. We were in Hanoi and unable to do anything. If we bought tickets and flew home, we would be unreachable for about 12 hours, which would have been during surgery. We decided to stay in Vietnam and talk to family. It was a really hard and scary few days. It seemed like we were living in limbo, just waiting for updates from home.

C- We took a bus from Katmandu to Pokhara to begin our trek. The bus ride was terrifying. It was an old, tall bus going down steep switchbacks. You could feel the bus lean over the cliff on every turn and you could hear the bus squeal when breaking. There was even another bus that went off the road in front of us and we had to drive by it!

5. Funniest Moment

M- After a day tour with our family we were eating at the Resort and discussing songs that match with cities. The song “Katmandu” by Bob Segar came up, and then we started looking up other songs by him. One of his hits was a song called “Nutbush City Limits” and it just struck us as hysterical. We laughed until we cried while google searching if such a city exists. There is a Nutbush in Tennessee and North Carolina.

C- Watching another tourist be hounded by the hawkers in India. They chased a women through the parking lot yelling about their beautiful, unique tourist souvinirs!

6. Most Accomplished/Bravest Moment

M & C- Treking in the Himayalans for 6 nights/7 days!! We agree that this is our biggest accomplishment. We hiked to over 10,000 feet above sea level twice! Once we hiked for an hour and a half before the sunrise to watch it rise over snow-covered mountains.

7. Most Stressful Moment

M & C-  This was when we boarded a flight to Laos knowing that we didn’t have enough cash to buy the visa upon arrival. They did not have any ATMs inside of the airport in Hanoi, from which we had been planning on withdrawing​ money. (Really, NO ATM in the airport…crazy!) We had enough money to buy a visa for one of us, who then went to the ATM to bring cash back for the other.

8. Item in Your Pack You Haven’t Used

M- Collapsible water bottles weren’t used, and were sent back to the states with Meg’s parents. We ended up buying big nalgenes to clean water in.

C- The second battery pack hasn’t been used. We got nervous about not being able to charge but it hasn’t really been an issue.

9. Best Item Packed

M- The packing cubes are awesome and keep the big packs some what organized.

C- The camera and kindle!

10. Best Interaction with a Local

M & C- We have written about this on the blog and social media already, so we will keep it short. The family in Chenni, India that showed us around their Hindu Temple on their son’s 2nd birthday was the best local interaction. They were the kindest people, offering to show us around and join in their celebration.

11. Best Interaction with Another Traveller

M- One night in the hostel in Bangkok we started talking to a women traveling with her friends from Toronto. She asked us what we recommended for Thailand and Vietnam (their destinations). She has family in Japan, and has been there many times, so she gave us her recommendations for Japan too.

C- On the bus from Pokhara to Kathmandu we met a vey nice Canadian man that was traveling alone in Nepal. He has lived there for a year before the earthquake. We discussed the changes that he noticed and how they were rebuilding. It was interesting to hear his perspective as he had been in Nepal before. We shared a cab with him on the way back into town.

12.  Things Missed Most about Home

M- My neck roll to sleep on; I am making due with a towel while we travel, but I miss the real one.

C- Cold weather!

13.  Food Missed Most from Home

M- unlimited drinking water at restaurants! It also helps that my family was here and they brought us some great snack food from home.

C- tacos

14. Best Sunset

M & C-  Watching the sunset on the beanbag chairs in Ao Phrang-Nga National park with my parents and Claudine as we cruised back.

C-  Poon Hill in the Himalayas was the best sunrise of the entire trip (all 4 months)!

15. Most Gruelling Ride

M & C- All of the car rides in India! They were long, hot, and bumpy! Way too uncomfortable to sleep or read made the rides awful.

16. Best Purchase

M- The fleece in Katmandu for the trek! It got really cold and I was so very happy to have that extra layer!

C- New fedora hat in Bangkok! The original was stained and losing shape but the new one looks great.

17.  Best Place We Have Stayed

M- Intercontinental in Hong Kong. It had a large bath tub and separate shower. It was the first time we both felt really clean in about a month. It also has spectacular views of the city skyline.

C- The teahouse in Ghode Pani, Nepal. It was a good place to stay and the mountain view from the roof was superb!

18. Longest Travel Day

The day we traveled from Kathmandu to Hong Kong to meet up with family. We had an insanely long layover in New Delhi. Total travel time was 26 hours.

19. Longest Train Ride

The train from Cochin to Mumbai was the longest train ride thus far at 18 hours.

2 thoughts on “4 Month Check-In 

  1. Meg and Christopher, thank you for #4. Staying by your phones in a wifi zone and giving us your medical insight and advice through those couple scary days! I am forever grateful! PRICELESS. Love you both!XOXO
    Have a great final two months!!!😘

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