Hello from Beijing! 

We made it to Beijing, China, and met up with one of our best friends, Katie! We have been here for a few days and have had some great adventures but we have been too busy exploring to write a post quite yet. They will come, we promise!

We set off explore the Hutong where our hostel is located. There are a lot of shops, food, and desserts. It is surprisingly clean and orderly! There is hardly any trash on the ground or side of the road, and so much of the city is shiny and new, and well-maintained.

Bikes, rickshaws, and scooters have a dedicated lane on each street, which is great but also tricky because so many are electric and very quiet. We may or may not have been almost run over a time or two.  Also, practically each street lane is divided by a fence. One day we couldn’t even figure out how to cross the street without hopping at least seven fences.

Megan has been shocked at how clean the air is here too! After Delhi she expected to have major breathing problems in Beijing; there have been no problems and neither Katie or Megan has used the face mask they bought “just in case”… but it may be worn as a fashion statement in the coming days. Keep your eyes out for a fashion-forward selfie appearing on the blog.

We are happy to see that our blog will still be working from China; However, Instagram, Facebook and all of Google does not work. We are enjoying “yahooing” our questions and even wondering if “ask Jeeves” is still around. 

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