Water Show in Xi’an 

Our last night in Xi’an we went to see a light and water show set to music in front of the Big Goose Pagoda. It is boasted as being the biggest water and light show is China. We were very impressed with the show and felt that it should be ranked with the shows in Las Vegas or Barcelona. The multicolored lights were very dense and there was a lot of movement of the water fountains themselves.



After the show we found a small restaurant down a quiet street. With no English on the menu, we choose a broccoli dish and a noodle dish, to share. As we never really know what we are ordering, and the food hasn’t been overly spicy, we have been sharing two plates at meals mostly. The noodles were a delicious set up of adding your own ingredients. We enjoyed adding one at a time and eating as we added. The broccoli was good as well, although the noodles was the standout dish of the night.


2 thoughts on “Water Show in Xi’an 

  1. Looked like a great light show over the water. The noodle dishes are always good in China. Uncle Tom loved them because he couldn’t eat fish.😍

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