Old Town, Lhasa 

On our final day in Lhasa, we walked around the old town and had a relaxing day before our train ride. It was the clearest, sunniest day yet and we had some of the best views of the mountains surrounding the city.


We had a delicious Tibetan lunch of yak meat and momos (dumplings). We went shopping for bracelets and a mandala painting of our own, and explored the old pedestrian streets of the city.


We also saw a full circle rainbow around the sun or a sun halo. We specifically saw a 22º radius Halo. The halo is formed by hexagonal ice crystals suspended in cirrus clouds. The hexagonal ice crystals act as a prisms and direct light at exactly 22 degrees. The ring is located 22 degrees away from the sun and is 44 times as large as the sun. According to NASA, this phenomenon most commonly takes place when a northern jet of air descends south bringing down Arctic air masses. We were both very intrigued by this phenomenon and taken with its beauty. The way we figure, if seeing a rainbow is good luck and a full or double rainbow really good luck then we found the jackpot of good luck!


We were taken to the train station to begin our journey onward in China. The train ride out of Lhasa was even longer then the ride into the city, but the first half was filled with the same beautiful scenery. It took us 44 hours on the train to reach our next stop, Chengdu. Forty-four hours is a Very. Long. Time.

3 thoughts on “Old Town, Lhasa 

  1. What a long train ride! You two have become seasoned travelers. Good thing there was good scenery to look at. Enjoy your next stop, so much history to enjoy.
    Happy 4th 😘🇺🇸😘

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