Shenzhen Stop Over 

Shenzhen Stop Over 

We spent one day in Shenzhen, China. We did not take any tours but choose to relax a bit on this stop. Due to VISA requirements, we booked the China portion of our trip about 7 months ago when we didn’t really understand long term travel; we overbooked ourselves. We needed a day to relax and, frankly, to do laundry.

The metro system runs similarly to the rest of China; however, we noticed a stark difference in the people. Things were very quite in the metro and waiting for the train! The other surprising thing is that there were lines to buy the tickets and to get through security. It felt much more like being in Hong Kong then the rest of mainland China. We think it is because Shenzhen is right across from Hong Kong and HK has been a cultural influence.

On our walk from the metro to the hotel, we noticed a great big green building. It was quite remarkable and Megan was very excited by it. Although it was only one building she thought that she could imagine  what the entire Emerald City from Wizard of Oz would have looked like.


We stayed at a hotel with a city view and got some great shots of the city as well as some interesting buildings. There was a large gold building that was Christopher’s favorite.


On the way out, we saw a cityscape sculpture in the shape of an orbital that Chris especially liked.


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