Huangshan – Yellow Mountains 

Huangshan – Yellow Mountains 

The Yellow Mountains of China, also known as Huangshan, is known for granite peaks and oddly shaped pine trees. It is a range of 70 peaks that are named for the Yellow Emperor, who loved the imaginative images they display on the sky. The mountains look like the Classical Chinese drawings with jagged cliffs and gnarled pine trees. 

There are two sets of stairs to climb to reach the top as well as three cable cars. We took the cable car up the east side of the mountain and spent the morning walking around the top of the mountain. The stairs and paths going up the mountain and on top the mountain took 1000 years to build. As we climbed up in the cable car we reached the clouds and fog. Much to our disappointment, we never reached above the fog and clouds. The tops of the peaks were covered in fog. We walked around the top and enjoyed seeing the shadows of the trees and rock formations. The fog gave the entire mountain range a mystic feeling.


After a few hours walking around it started to rain, and “raining” quickly turned into “pouring”. We quickly decided that finding our hotel on the top of the mountains would be the best thing to do. It took about 30 minutes of walking to find it. Neither one of us had a dry patch of clothes left-underwear and socks were soaking wet. We were very happy to find the hotel and check into the hotel room. The room was surprisingly nice with a view of the mountains; all the reviews had mentioned “basic” and “spartan” accommodations but that wasn’t what we found. We dried our clothes and read our books while drinking Chinese tea. It wasn’t really a bad afternoon at all.


We were able to catch the view out our room a few times but each time very briefly. Every time chris wanted to run outside to get a good photo but by the time he had his wet clothes back on the rain or fog rolled back in. We ate dinner at the hotel and relaxed for the evening.

We woke up at 4:15 am to see the 4:50 sunrise on the mountains. We were thrilled that the fog had lifted! We dressed and went outside. We got a good photo in front of our hotel and then started the ascent to the tallest peak.


By the time we reached the peak the fog had returned except for a few monetary holes. We waited to see if the fog rolled back out but we didn’t have enough luck. We went back to the hotel for naps and breakfast.


We took the cable car back down and headed to the train station. Off to our next city on our overbooked week of China!


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