West Lake in Hangzhou

West Lake is known for showing its visitors a look into what historic China would have looked like. There are multiple gardens to explore, pagodas lining the lake, tea houses, classic pavilions and shaded walk ways surround the lake. The lake is even surrounded by green rolling hills in the distance. It was quite beautiful scenery.


Our favorite part of the scenery was the ponds with large lotus flowers and water lilies. We have never seen them so big as this!


We also enjoyed watching the men fish from the bank. We even saw a few catch some large fish.


However, it was not all picture perfect. There are A LOT of tourist. At some points the walkways were jammed full of tourist all pushing to get around.

We saw the “three ponds mirroring the moon” pavilions, but didn’t take a cruise out just to see them. They are on the back of the one Yuan note.


There were several buildings around the lake, including Jiang’s villa.DSC03913DSC03918

We also discovered the West Lake is a big lake in a huge city, Hangzhou. We were very surprised to arrive in the city and for it to be one of the largest cities in China. It has 9 million people living in the city, which is just half a million people smaller than NYC. In this large city we encountered our first “comprehensive travel hub” which we found impressive and overwhelming. The comprehensive travel hub has an international airport, bullet train station, two metro lines, bus station and multiple taxi stands in one building. It was hectic to start with but with more experience we thought that it would be a great system!

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