Shanghai Museum and The Bund 

Shanghai Museum and The Bund 

Shanghai museum is known as one of the best museums in Asia. It is a huge collection of ancient Chinese art ranging from paintings, seals, jades, furniture and more.  We spent most of an afternoon at the museum and greatly enjoyed it. It was well organized with many labels and signs in English.

Polychrome Glazed Pottery sculpture of Heavenly Guardian from Tang Dynasty, one of Chris’ favorite periods for sculpture.


Black Oil-Drop glazed bowl, “Huairen Ware”, Jin Dynasty, 1115-1234.DSC03969_e

One of a number of ceramics made to imitate other materials. Tri-legged censer in imitation of archaic bronze with two ears and gold traced design; “Jingdezhen Ware”, Qing Dynasty, (1736-1795)DSC03978

Calligraphy of Poems by Xianyu Shu, Yuan Dynasty:DSC03983_e

Yue Fu You (Wine Vessel), Late Shang Dynasty (13th-11th Century BC):


This statue was Tibetan, and very reminiscent of what we saw inside the temples there. Gilt-brass figurine of Vajra Protector, Qing Dynasty: DSC04017_e

Landscape in Snow, by Lu Hui (1893): DSC04001_e

Landscapes of Shanyin, by Wu Bin (1608):DSC03992_e

Near the museum was People’s Park. The walk across it was super hot.


We took a suggestion from our hotel and ate at a local place on the corner. We walked in and clearly were not in a tourist restaurant. It took us a few minutes to figure out the process to order food but we ordered and it was delicious. We ordered a few things but the home-run, out of this world favorite was the dumplings. They are the type of dumplings that Shanghai is known for, Xiaolongbao. Megan is obsessed. The dumpling is filled with pork and gelatin sauce. You then dunk the dumpling into vinegar and eat. The pork, pork juice and vinegar make a killer combination.


After dinner we walked to The Bund. This is the walkway in Shanghai that views Pudong’s skyline. The view of the skyline is breathtaking. Megan loved this view; this to her is what an “Asian” skyline was supposed to look like with vibrant moving light displays.


Christopher loved the contrast between Pudong’s skyline and The Bund.  While Pudong is new and flashy the other side, The Bund, is early 20th century buildings. The buildings are more European in appearance then Asian and they are lit in monochrome. The contract of having two such extremes in one view was a great juxtaposition.


4 thoughts on “Shanghai Museum and The Bund 

  1. Uncle Tom & I stayed in Shanghai. It seemed to be more westernized city then other places we went. It was at least 25 yrs ago we were in China & I’m sure everything has changed so much.
    Loved the picture of the colored lights of the skyline so beautiful.😍

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  2. Yes we did. We stayed at I M Pei’s Hotel. He was a famous archetict & the grounds were beautiful with gardens & water falls. We also went to the Great Wall. We were much younger then.

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