More Museums, Old Street, and YuYuan Gardens in Shanghai 

More Museums, Old Street, and YuYuan Gardens in Shanghai 

Shanghai has a lot of amazing sounding museums, and as everyone knows, we love a good museum. We choose two of the remain museums to spend a few hours in each. Our first choice was Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Center.

We choose this museum because we were quite impressed with Shanghai as a city. It is well laid out, thoughtfully planned, and they are planning for more growth in the future. This museum displays the past, present and future of the city plan.  We were quite impressed with the public transportation system in the city and how they plan to grow as this city of 24 million people continues to grow. 

The museum is home to a virtual film that flies the viewer around Shanghai. It makes notes of the comprehensive travel hubs and tourist destination. It was a great movie and we enjoyed it.

Christopher’s favorite part of this museum was the large model of downtown Shanghai. It was huge and only represented the inner ring of the city! It was a great tool to see exactly how large of a city Shanghai, and how many of the neighborhoods were laid out.



The second museum of the day was Shanghai Natural History Museum.  When Chris was a child he really liked dinosaurs and, like most, he never really outgrew his fascination.  As China is such a key center for dinosaur excavation now, he couldn’t pass up the chance to see those fossils while there.  The Shanghai Natural History Museum did not disappoint! There were dinosaur fossils, and moving dinosaur models as well. Although the museum covers much more than dinosaurs that was our favorite part.

DSC04127DSC04130DSC04134Lufengosaurus Huenei:DSC04141


The museum itself has a beautiful glass atrium that is 98.5 feet tall. The structure on the glass is designed to appear like the structure of a cell wall. The wall make the museum very modern and unique.

The museum also had acre-sized room with animals from the African savanna, and an exhibit on colors of animals.


After the museums we went to old street to do a bit of shopping. This street is renovated from the Qing Dynasty but is not overrun with tourists.

Chris found a Chinese seal and had it hand carved on Old Street.


We wandered into YuYuan Garden after shopping. This garden is filled with pools of fish, pavilions, pine trees and teahouses. The architecture was the same as old street but the streets were packed with other tourist and shops. It was good for a stop but it certainly felt overly touristy to us.


One thought on “More Museums, Old Street, and YuYuan Gardens in Shanghai 

  1. That looked like a great museum with all the dinosaurs in it. Glad you got a hand carved seal.That will be a special thing to bring home with you. Meg I hope you buy yourself a piece of closena ( hope I spelled that right). I went to a factory & watched it being made & bought some things that we brought home.♥️

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