Singapore Flyer, Hawker Food, and River Walk 

Singapore Flyer, Hawker Food, and River Walk 

When we arrived in the Singapore airport we got to see one thing we missed the first time through, a sculpture outside the immigration desk called “Kinetic Rain”. Chris thought it was fascinating!


Our hotel also had a great view!


We started our visit in Singapore on the famous Singapore Flyer. It is a large, enclosed Ferris wheel that takes 30 minutes to complete. It is larger than the London Eye at 541 feet tall, giving stunning views of Singapore skyline. We enjoyed the ride in the afternoon, with almost no line.


We took off walking the marina. It is a very modern, sleek city! We walked by the double helix bridge on our way to Gluttons Bay, a hawker center. A hawker center is an open air complex housing many inexpensive food stalls; it is street food in a center to increase food safety and convenience, and keep the streets clear for foot traffic. Singapore’s hawker centers are very famous, and we couldn’t wait to try them! Gluttons’ Bay is one of the more touristy centers, as it is right on the Marina. We had an assortment of satay, lime juice, Peking duck, and xiaolongbao dumplings. All of the food was good, but the satay was both of our favorites.


Further down the marina is the Esplanade. This is a theater complex with both indoor  and outdoor theaters. Chris loved the unique look to these buildings; the aluminum shades have been compared to flies eyes, melting honeycomb, and upturned durian. We both thought it looked like upturned durian.


Merlion park is home to Singapore’s famous Merlion. It is a mythical creature with a lion head and fish body. The statue stands by the water and is the symbol of the city. The overlook was quite crowded but we got a few good photos.


The marina turns into the Singapore River on the back side. We strolled down both side of the river in the evening. There were lots of modern art and beautiful buildings along the walk. We saw Raffles Landing, which is where he landed in 1819. Raffles is considered the founder  of Singapore.


We made a quick stop at the hyper touristy Clark Quay. This is an area full of bars and restaurants but had giant canopies brightly light up with changing colors.


We also enjoyed a unique ice cream experience at 320 below. This is a company that makes ice cream to order by freezing the ingredients with liquid nitrogen as they are combined.  It was fun to watch them make it and we enjoyed eating the results as well.


Our last stop was back by the marina: Civilian War Memorial. It is a simple memorial to the civilian victims of the Japanese occupation of Singapore during World War II. It was very tasteful and we felt as if the central location of the memorial spoke to how important that time was in Singapore’s history.


2 thoughts on “Singapore Flyer, Hawker Food, and River Walk 

  1. Wow the view from the Farris wheel was really great & loved those smiling faces! Can’t believe how they made the ice cream. That had to be fun to watch!
    The two of you have had such a great trip experiencing so many unique things.
    Can’t wait to hear about Bali♥️

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