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Himeji Castle

We were very excited to see Japanese castles while in Japan. We have seen castles all over Europe and wanted to compare. Himeji Castle, the White Castle, is one of the most famous castles in Japan, and is a day trip from Kyoto. With 600 years of history within the walls of the castle it was a great site to explore with a lot history.

The outside of the White Castle was very impressive. It towered over a large courtyard. It was exactly the castle we had been hoping to see. DSC06926_e

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Our First Day in Kyoto 

Our First Day in Kyoto 

After the night bus we were unable to check into our hostel until late afternoon. So, we took off to see the city! We started at Nijo-jo castle. This castle was completed in 1603 and was the residence of the head of the Shogunate (samurai government) from completion until 1867.

The castle is surrounded by a moat and to enter you go through the Kara-mon Gate. This gate uses cypress bark as the roof along with brilliantly colored carvings.  Continue reading “Our First Day in Kyoto “

ArtScience Museum of Singapore

After a busy morning at the Gardens by the Bay, we next went to the ArtScience Museum. This museum is located in the lotus-shaped building on the marina. The unique shape of the building is suggestive of the innovative and unique exhibits inside. This museum explores the creative process around art, science, and technology with ever changing exhibits. We had been hoping to find an art museum that was modern with a different look on the world, and we certainly found that here.DSC04835_E Continue reading “ArtScience Museum of Singapore”