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The Journey Home 

We arrived at Nagoya International Airport an hour before check-in. We changed our clothes and relaxed a bit before lining up for check-in. In Japan, you can only check into an international flight 3 hours or less before departure time, but the time that check-in was supposed to open came and went. We waited in line to check into our flight for over three hours! Megan asked the airlines staff what was wrong and if the flight would be canceled. They reassured her that the plane was already at the airport, the flight would not be canceled, and it was bad weather in China.

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Himeji Castle

We were very excited to see Japanese castles while in Japan. We have seen castles all over Europe and wanted to compare. Himeji Castle, the White Castle, is one of the most famous castles in Japan, and is a day trip from Kyoto. With 600 years of history within the walls of the castle it was a great site to explore with a lot history.

The outside of the White Castle was very impressive. It towered over a large courtyard. It was exactly the castle we had been hoping to see. DSC06926_e

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Nara Park and Temples 

Nara Park and Temples 

We took a day trip out of Kyoto to Nara City.  It was an hour train ride from Kyoto and Nara City on the JR train. We were amazed at how easy it was to use the train! The trains were very timely, and ran frequently between all the places we wanted to go; unlike in China, or at airports, there is no security theater before one can board. Nara City is home to numerous UNESCO world heritage sites due to its history as Japan’s capital from 710 to 782; it was called Heijokyo during the time.

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