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Phuket Elephant Sanctuary 

Phuket Elephant Sanctuary 

Phuket Elephant Sanctuary is a new sanctuary in Phuket. It has only been open for tourist for a little over six months but it is the only true elephant sanctuary in Phuket. It is partnered with with Elephant Nature Park, the foundation that Christopher and Megan volunteered at for a week in Northern Thailand.  Megan and Christopher were thrilled to read about this sanctuary and so excited to share their love for elephants with the family when they came. The day with the elephants did not disappoint either!  Continue reading “Phuket Elephant Sanctuary “

Return to spicy food!

After arriving in Laos we had a great dinner.


Vietnamese was our least favorite food thus far, although almost everything was pretty good. Everything was very fresh in Vietnam, even to a fault. There seems to be a southwest-to-east gradient in southeast Asia; with the best and most spicy in Thailand and the mildest in Vietnam.

Other notes about the Vietnamese food:

Not enough ice in shakes;

Some Jasmine tea, and very good, but rare; nothing like the ubiquity of tea in Japan;

Our favorites involved fresh spring rolls with some cooked fish or tofu inside;

The coffee was both the best and on occasion, the worst so far, but usually fresh. Not nearly so much instant coffee;

Do as the Indian guys we met do-bring your own bag of spice!